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2015/16 Board of Directors Announced

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Our address is:
ISM Willamette Valley
1222 E 13th Avenue
M40 # 252
Eugene OR 97403

2016 Professional Development Meetings & Announcements

ISM-WV members,

Thanks again to everyone for a great year! We have had a great 2015-2016 year and I want to thank everyone who has been able to help make ISM Willamette Valley what it is today.

Even though our summer break is upon us we are still working hard in the background to continually improve ISM Willamette Valley. During this process the board of directors will be working to improve next years Professional Development meetings as well as bring other resources recommended from you the members to help everyone continue to improve and be successful in their careers. One of the items that helps us accomplish these type of things is a survey that we hope everyone can fill out and get back to us. The survey is very brief, and for filling it out one person will be randomly drawn to win a $20 amazon gift card, or Starbucks Gift Card.  Survey (Click here) 

We would also like to congratulate the members who received their CPSM certification this year:
  • Hao Qi  (Burley Bike Trailers)
  • Stephen Grantham (Tec Labs)
This is a huge accomplishment and want to make sure everyone knows it. We hope next year we can add more members to this list.

Thank you again for a great year and look forward to meeting again in the fall.

Andre Moran
ISM-WV Board President

Dear Members,

Thanks for participating in the annual election for your Board of Directors. The results are in. You have chosen the following colleagues to lead your Affiliate for the next 12 months.

President = Andre Moran
Vice President = Jayne McMahan
Secretary = Jill Schlosser
Membership = Terry Teter
Professional Development = Tony DeVico
Treasurer = Jules DeGiulio
Director, 2yr = Matt Mills
Director, 1yr = Alexis Lemmon

May’s meeting on managing a Startup and Entrepreneurship in general brought our largest turnout of the year - a terrific way to cap off a very successful year of trainings, networking, and just good neighboring among colleagues who share a common purpose and passion. Keep an eye on your Website for upcoming events, job openings, and the general direction of the Procurement Profession. We hope to see you all in September.

Your Board of Directors
ISM-Willamette Valley Affiliate of ISM, The Institute for Supply Management